• Welcome to Laurier Homes Décor Experience

    Each Laurier Home includes a number of standard upgraded features as shown in each community web site on the standard specification list and available from our sales office in the community you have or are considering buying a home in and as part of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, known as Schedule F.

    Please review this information carefully to avoid any misunderstandings about what is included in the purchase price of your home.

    Laurier Homes allows each home buyer an opportunity to customize their home within certain guidelines, codes, specifications and items offered as well as samples on display see Décor Consultant for details.


    Laurier Homes understands how important this process is to all parties concerned and we retain a professional Décor Consultant who understands the construction process and will help you create a unified look for your home while making recommendations that best suits your lifestyle and budget.

    We encourage you to browse the samples and selections on display prior to your appointment to familiarize yourself with the wide range of interior finishes, colours, and design styles available.

    Laurier Homes recognizes that you may want custom options specific to your floor plan and you may require pricing for these optional changes. We require that specifications, pictures, sketches etc., accompany each request as well as your project name, model type and Lot #, all in writing so that we have a better understanding of what you are asking.

    All items priced separate to standard upgrades offered may be subject to municipal approval, building code and does not presume to have been approved by the builder until both parties sign all documentation necessary as well as payment has been received.


    Following the purchase of your Laurier Homes our Décor Consultant will contact you to book your private colour chart appointment.

    You are welcome to bring small items such as cushions or colour swatches to help you in the selection process. You will need to bring your manufacturer appliance specifications showing type, style, size electrical requirements etc. and if this information is not provided at the time of the colour chart appointment standard appliance openings will be provided.

    Your interior finishes appointment typically takes between two and three hours and it is recommended that you make alternate arrangements for childcare during this lengthy process.

    Prior to your appointment you will receive a list of options and upgrades offered by Laurier Homes, with pricing specific to your new home. Review this information and prepare any questions, clarifications, a wish list of items you are considering so we can help you make the right decisions and choices before finalizing your individual colour chart for your new home.

    At the time of your interior finishes appointment, our Décor Consultant will review with you the potential upgrades and finishes offered to suit your budget and life style. It's that simple and will be as pleasurable and stress free as possible.

    All parties to the Agreement of Purchase and Sale must attend together and sign the colour chart and for any upgrades you may purchase, please bring your cheque book to the appointment.

    While Laurier Homes will endeavour to accommodate our Purchasers requests, please understand that some requests cannot be done due to time constraints, municipal approvals or availability of items.